This past Monday, we were able to witness the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Through this debate and their campaigns, we see the importance of speech. They attack each other with their words. They use what the other has spoken about in the past against them.

Your words are very important and very powerful. Because our hearts are prone to sin, our mouths are prone to sin as well. That’s why we see in Scripture the importance of controlling our tongues.

How has your speech been lately? What have you said both in public and in private? What words have you spoken to God? What have you recently said to your loved ones? To your neighbors? To your coworkers? What do you say when you are under stress?

This past Sunday, we looked at Psalm 39 where David experienced great suffering. In the beginning of the Psalm, he is resolved to be silent so that he may not speak in sin. However, his suffering increases which eventually leads him to speak out against God.

Although he speaks in sin, he is wise to speak to God first. He shows us the wisdom to bring our hearts to the Lord first before we take actions into our own hands.

Have you spoken to the Lord lately? Do you speak to Him in the midst of your fatigue and stress? Do you bring your honest hearts before Him and surrender? Do you pray to Him first before you speak out against another?

Through his honest prayer, the Lord shows him his fleeting and temporary life and reminds him of the hope of eternity. Through this eternal perspective, David sees that his ultimate problem is not his suffering, but it is his sin. He then pleas for and hopes in the Lord’s deliverance.

This deliverance is ultimately fulfilled through the deliverance of Christ. He was delivered unto death so that we may be delivered from our sin. He was the One consumed by the look of God’s judgment on the cross in order that we may receive the look of God’s countenance. He was the Ultimate Sojourner, exiled from the world and the Father on the cross so that we may have a home in heaven. He was the One who was silent, controlling His mouth, in order that we may be saved.

In light of this deliverance, David is now able to control his mouth. In the same way, through Christ, we are able to control our words and to obey the Lord in joy. May we live and speak in that truth for the sake of His glory and kingdom.

Have a blessed week. See you all either on Friday night for our Romans Study or on Sunday for the Lord’s Day Worship. Make sure to prepare your hearts for the Table beforehand.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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