How are you? It’s the last day of August already! The beautiful season of autumn is right around the corner…

When was the last time you marveled at the beauty of creation? Was it looking at the starry night sky? Was it embracing the warmth of the sun? Was it being in awe of the mountains or the oceans? Was it enjoying the Fall colors of the trees?

This past Sunday, we looked at Psalm 19. David starts off by proclaiming that the heavens declare the glory of God. God reveals Himself through creation. This is what we, Reformers, call General Revelation.

But better and sweeter than General Revelation is God’s revelation of Himself through His Word. We call this Special Revelation. In it, God reveals who He is, who we are, and what His heart is towards us.

It is far more intimate and personal than just nature. In this psalm, we see that David uses the generic term of God (El) to describe creation, but He uses the covenantal name of the LORD (YHWH) to describe God’s Word. Why? It’s because it’s through the Word that we can know the one true God both covenantally and personally.

Therefore, it is to be desired more than the treasures of this earth. It is to be sweeter than the pleasures of this earth. Do you desire and cherish the Word of our Lord?

Although the Word may reveal to us the heart of God, it also reveals to us the depth of our sin. It shows us that we are more sinful that we can ever imagine. We have both presumptuous sins and hidden faults. How then can we be acceptable in God’s sight?

And we know that this is only possible because of Jesus Christ. In Him, we see the perfect revelation of God, being the image of the invisible God. In Him, we see the perfect redemption of God: the blameless and perfectly acceptable Son of God suffering and dying for the sins of man. And on the cross, we see the perfect revelation of God’s justice meet the perfect revelation of His love.

Because of Christ, we can be sure that our past, present, and future sins are paid for. Because of Christ, we can be sure that we stand forgiven and free.

May we marvel at the glory of God found in creation. May we desire God’s Word more than anything in this world. Lastly, may we cling to Christ as the perfect revelation of God and the perfect Redeemer of our souls.

Come out to Friday Night Study this Friday as we continue in our study on the book of Romans @7:30pm @church. If not, see you on Sunday for worship. We are praying for you.

In Christ,

Pastor Tim

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