The weather has been so pleasant lately. Just like the weather, there are times when life is pleasant, and there are also times when life is difficult.

My question for us is “Are we able to continually have joy in our lives?”

Joy is not dependent on the circumstances of our lives. Joy is not the fleeting happiness that is only on the surface. Joy is rooted deep within the heart. Joy prevails even in times of sorrow. Do we have this joy?

This past Sunday, we talked about how David had this joy in Psalm 16. He is able to say that he has the fullness of joy, because he has the presence and promise of God.

David calls God his portion, his cup, and his inheritance. God is the treasure that he desires. God is the life that he needs. God is the good news. Because David has God, David has all that he needs and all that he wants.

This is all possible because of God’s promise to David. One day, David’s heir, the Messiah who will sit on the throne forever, will defeat sin and death. Through the fulfillment of Christ, David can say that God will not abandon him to death.

We can have the light of God’s presence, because, on the cross, Christ experienced the darkness of God’s absence. We can have the fullness of joy, because, on the cross, Christ experienced the emptiness of ultimate sorrow. We will not be abandoned to Sheol, because, on the cross, Christ was abandoned and forsaken. We can have resurrection life, because we are united to the Resurrected One.

Because of God’s presence and promise fulfilled in Christ, we can say with David that we have the fullness of joy. Joy does not always need to have a smile. Joy can cry in pain and suffering. However, joy is deep-rooted contentment, no matter the circumstance. Joy endures the pain and hopes in glory.

In the highest of highs, joy does not desire the gifts more than the Giver. In the lowest of lows, joy does not desire relief from the suffering more than the Redeemer in the suffering.

May Jesus be our hope, and may our hope fuel our joy.

Come out to Short Term Mission Report tomorrow night at 7:30pm! If not, I look forward to worshiping with all of you this Sunday.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim

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