Have you followed Christ as your Savior King this week?

At the retreat, we were exhorted to follow Christ in every sphere of our lives. He is our King, and we are to proclaim His excellencies in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, and the public square. Even in the midst of our suffering, we are to proclaim His excellencies, because we know that God is not punishing us for our wrong, but He is disciplining us for our good.

This is a struggle. Our sinful natures do not want us to speak of Jesus. They do not want us to honor Christ through our character and good works. They do not want us to glorify God in our sufferings.

Instead, they want us to be comfortable and secure. They want us to fear the world more than God. They want us to live for ourselves and our agendas. They want us to blaspheme God instead of glorify Him.

But Christ has broken the power of sin over our lives, because He was broken on the cross. We are able to die to the world and our sin, because Christ first died for us. We are able to be in the world but not of the world, because Christ has bought us with His blood.

Essentially, Christ is the power by which we can live this life for Him and His kingdom. Christ can be our most precious treasure, because He first saw us as His precious treasure.

Has Christ been your King this week?

The STM team is leaving this Saturday for Cambodia. The hope is for us to further His kingdom through our encouragement for the missionaries and our proclamation of His excellencies. Pray for us.

But be reminded that the mission field is not just Cambodia. The mission field is in your homes, schools, workplaces, and environment as well.

May we glorify God saying, “Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed by Your name.” And may we live missionally by praying, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done.”

Join us for Missionary Koo’s report this Friday evening @7:45pm. Also, join us for STM sendoff at the airport @10:00am on Saturday!

I will not be here the next two Sundays because of the STM trip. Instead, you have the blessing of having the Word of God be delivered through Pastor Dan. Pray for Him and for one another!

In Christ,
Pastor Tim