Please note that we will not have worship service at our usual location this Sunday. If you are not attending the retreat, you can attend KM worship at 8:30am, 10:15am, or 2:30pm. Or you can attend NRG worship, which is in English, at 10:15am.

In the meantime, have you trusted in our God this week? Have you cherished the hope of Christ this week?

This past Sunday, we looked at Psalm 2. It’s a royal psalm, meant for Israel to remember the true King behind their king and to remember the King who was to come.

The true Anointed King is Jesus Christ. He has received the nations as His heritage and possession. But this was at a cost.

For the nations to not be judged, He was the One who was judged on the cross. For the nations to not be broken with a rod of iron, He was the One who was broken with the rod of God’s wrath on the cross. For the nations to not be dashed to pieces, He was the One who was dashed to pieces on the cross.

That is the hope of Christ for us, His possession. So this is the question for us: what are we doing with this message? Has this become the source of our joy and life? Has this become the message we treasure?

If it is, then just like the Psalmist, we are called to plea with the nations to take refuge in the Son. We are called to share this good news of Christ with the world. Sharing this message will come naturally if it is our treasure.

Salvation is free, and it’s available to all. Let us trust in it. Let us cherish it. And let us bring this message of hope and life to a broken world.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim