A question for you today: Which road are you on?

This past Sunday, we started a new sermon series, “Psalms: The Songbook of God’s People.” We were able to see how the Lord engages us where we are in our lives and leads us to worship Him.

The first chapter starts this book of worship by illustrating for us the heart of worship. The psalmist describes two roads: the road of the Blessed Man and the road of the Wicked Man.

The Blessed Man does not follow others in their sin. Instead, he delights in the law of the Lord and meditates on His law day and night. He is like a tree planted and replenished by streams of water in the midst of the dry desert. Even in hardship, the Lord sustains him and makes him beautiful.

The Wicked Man is like chaff that the wind blows away. This illustrates what will happen to the wicked on the last day, and it illustrates what they are today. They are lost and have no foundation. They desire and long for things that will not last… things that do not satisfy… things that are only a shadow of what is true and good in Christ.

Not only that, the Wicked Man will be under judgment on the last day. They will not be allowed in the congregation of the righteous. They will be exiled without any love, mercy, and joy.

Which road describes your life today? Which road are you on?

The hope is that you are on the road of the Blessed Man. How do you walk it? You walk it by trusting in the Perfectly Righteous and Blessed Man, Jesus Christ.

He was the One who did not walk in the way of the wicked but was crucified for the sins of the wicked. He did not sit in the seat of scoffers; it was the scoffers who reviled and humiliated him.

We were the wicked ones before God, yet He was the One that took on our judgment so that we may be blessed. He was the One who was exiled on our behalf so that we may be in perfect, loving community forever.

Christ is the Road of the Blessed Man. Are you walking it? Are you walking in Him? May the Lord give us grace to walk in Him for the sake of His glory and kingdom.

Come out to the Yard Sale (Fri and Sat, 7am-4pm) and help sell items while ministering to the community! If not, I hope to see you all on Sunday for our Sabbath worship.

In Christ,
Pastor Tim